What is expected of you as a Bob Jane T-Marts franchisee?

It’s often said that franchising is about people not product. Given the right system and the right franchisee, the rewards are unlimited. Therefore there needs to be at the outset respect for the system by the franchisee and the system also needs to respect the pivotal role that the franchisee plays. Common to most successful and established franchisees are the following traits:

  • Self motivated, competitive, energetic and entrepreneurial
  • Desire and ability to be self-employed
  • Stable and supporting family network
  • Ability to work as a team and within a system
  • Have a natural disposition to marketing techniques
  • Extraordinary commitment to customer service
  • Interactive, enthusiastic and supportive
  • Flexible, progressive and intuitive
  • Responsive to advice
  • Sufficient start-up capital

What is expected of us as a franchisor?

Franchisors have an overwhelming responsibility to deliver to franchisees a business environment where they can work ‘the system’ to generate wealth with the least amount of risks. To create a profitable system with low risks, franchisors must display the following attributes:

  • A proven business system over time
  • Financial strength and industry influence
  • Protected trademarks, logos and trade identity
  • Ability to lead, sustain and create opportunities
  • Ability to understand and manage the franchise relationship
  • Vision and custodianship of the franchise system
  • Be progressive, responsible and equitable
  • Provide sales, marketing, business and financial support
  • Commitment to growth and market dominance
  • Dedicated to maximising the well-being of franchisees
  • Ongoing market appraisal and research