1. Enquiry

You will receive in the mail a franchise application pack. The pack contains a detailed application form with a Confidentiality Agreement and Privacy information that we need you to sign and return to us. You are encouraged to provide supporting evidence to your financial claim and any other information that you think will benefit your application.

2. Qualification

Your information will be assessed against our criteria and if successful you will be invited to meet with a State Manager to discuss possibilities. Your initial discussion will be with the State Manager relevant to your location, where you will be invited to visit a selection of T Marts to research your decision. If you decide to proceed you will have a formal structured interview scoring points against specific criteria. This is an intensive interview to assess your suitability for our system. If successful in this interview you then proceed to meet with key corporate staff at the Bob Jane Corporation where financial information (eg. establishment costs, ongoing costs, examples of P&L’s) will be provided to you.

3. Training

At this stage you will enter into a training agreement with us. This starts the intensive 6 month training program we have for all new franchisees. In this training program you will need to successfully complete 5 Phases. You will be assessed at the end of each Phase with performance management tools.

4. Confirmation

Having completed your training program, you will then need to confirm things such as finance and legal structure and enter a Contract of Sale of Business. This is normally done within 45 days. The Franchise Fee varies between T Marts and it involves negotiation between you and the current franchisee.

5. Ownership

A day will be mutually set for the actual changeover of the franchise business to you. Whilst this is a simple and quick procedure on the day a lot of preliminary work needs to be done by you and Bob Jane Corporation Pty Ltd. 14 days prior to a change over a Pre-Franchise Agreement needs to be entered into. On settlement day a Franchise Agency and Performance Agreement is signed to effect the transfer and, all monies exchanged.