Can I have a business partner?

Unless you are in business with your spouse, we do not generally encourage financial or working partners.

Can I run another business in conjunction with a T-Mart?

No. The success of our T-Marts is really about franchisees giving their undivided attention and commitment six days a week.

Can I own more than one T-Mart outlet?

First you must prove yourself, then, subject to your financial position and availability of outlets, this may be considered.

What happens when I want to take holidays?

Each State Office carries relief managers. You must arrange with your State Manager well in advance if you want to avail yourself of this service.

What happens if my franchise is not profitable?

There are various reasons as to why you may not be as profitable as you would like. The strength of a franchise system is its ability to work together with its Franchise Owners to achieve results.

Given that you are prepared to work hard with us and the system, there are various ways of assisting you to achieve your goals.

What is your supply arrangement with product?

We have a strong relationship with all of our suppliers. In most situations we represent their single biggest customer and this generally allows us to get the best deal.

Is the tyre business seasonal?

Because of our strategic marketing and advertising campaigns we aim to ensure a reasonably regular flow of customers to our T-Marts all year round, with some fluctuations due to Christmas, school holidays and Easter.

How do you select the site and who is involved?

Site selection is a very involved and methodical process. Our Management team, in consultation with other interested parties, makes the decision based on careful research on area opposition, market reach, population, income-levels and growth.

Do you have any other questions, if so, please contact us on 1800 032 638 or send us a message.